VC-LOUNGE is a contemporary & Haute couture brand moving at the speed of the high-street whilst maintaining luxurious quality and craftsmanship.
Creating ready-to-wear from a new perspective, Vc-Lounge offers a fresh and unique mix of femininity with a modern edge.

Minimal Extravagance; Vc-Lounge is an international, contemporary womenswear label loved by many stylish & fashionable women.

Manufactured in Istanbul Turkey.
The in-house team prides itself on possessing a thorough understanding of composition, form and fit. They know that clothes satisfy a goal and must be functional, but also that how a garment makes the wearer feel is pivotal: how the body moves in clothes and how they feel to the touch.

Applying couture-inspired design procedures, the design team’s pay attention to detail is second to none, resulting in luxury, finely crafted pieces that showcase these artisan skills. Effortless, timeless, investment pieces to treasure; throwaway fashion this is not?